People Say Things

Hyperbole sourced from people I've worked with. For better or worse, text is unedited and offered for your consideration as-is.

I've needed people over the past ten years to help me on both my work website and on my "hobby" website. It was always the same some point sooner or later, there would be problems with either site that just couldn't be fixed. Or so they said. I was beginning to get website PTSD just thinking about locating someone who could help.

And then I met Tim. He has been a godsend. Honestly. From day one, Tim has always been there for me for one problem or another and I mean, at all hours! He is calm, smart, clever and has always been able to fix whatever arises. The best part is that Tim does it all with a smile! Tim should be hired not just for computer issues but also as an overall advice man! He's wonderful. Thank you Tim!!!

Miriam G.
Business Owner, Blogger
Portland, OR

Tim has always responded with professionalism, kindness, genuineness, and is customer driven. He completes the job and never leaves you hanging with a partial fix.

Jerry S.
Grants Pass, OR

I had stuff that needed done. Tim did it.

Tammy B.
Personal Organizer, Foodie
Portland, OR

I've worked with Tim over the last 5-6 years, and he's always been professional, easy to work with, and timely. He's very knowledgeable, creative when need be, and has always been effective in solving problems. I highly recommend Tim!

Scott S.
Business Owner
Woodland Park, CO

Tim is one of the most technically savvy people I've worked with. His e-Commerce skills are exceptional. Excellent results on every project. Very pleased! Will always hire Tim for our projects!

Molly K.
Customer Service Consultant
Queens, NY

Great job getting things done in a timely manner.

Lana L.
Grants Pass, OR

In 2004, Tim began helping my brick and mortar business, managing and customizing our online presence. Over the years, he's been an integral part of our expanding entrepreneurial empire, programming every backend function and public feature I've wanted for three successful ecommerce businesses, even when my requests were on the fringe. Although Tim has proven to be conscientious, intelligent, and a creative problem solver these 13 years, perhaps the thing I've learned to appreciate most is his passion to make certain I'm pleased with whatever he's accomplished for me.

Timothy L.
Colorado Springs, CO

Tim has always been able to help me out with all of my web and/or wifi problems. Very fast and efficient. His knowledge is quite impressive and sometimes his jokes are even funny.

Sue C.
Pet Groomer
Grants Pass, OR